Networking is Needed to Help our Feathered Friends


The national concern for the quality of life for parrots is staggering!  Needs of parrots are special.  Many think of them as a pet, but needs are much greater than that.  Parrots still exhibit wild tendencies with care much greater than the requirements to provide a quality of life for dogs or cats.  They are highly sociable animals with a need to forage, fly and interact throughout a day. It takes decades to truly understand the wants and needs of parrots from proper medical attention, diet, providing safety, mental and physical stimulation. Parrots are the 'silent pet' where not much is shared or provided as with canine and feline rescues.  In fact, many people breed to make a quick dollar as parrots can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Because of the number of parrots in need, we are networking with other interested parties in creating more stringent laws for rescues and parrot stores, and hopefully limiting breeding of parrots.  You may have seen in the news that New jersey now only allows dogs from rescues to be sold in order to stop the over-breeding in puppy mills.  Rockin' Parrots LLC is also sharing in the the quest to improve the lives and numbers of parrots in the population.  By educating new parrot owners, supporting rehabilitation and lives of parrots who can live for 20 to 80 years and decrease the number of captive bred and wild-caught birds, do we hope to make a difference.


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