Currently We Are Not Taking in New Birds.  We will keep you posted...


Since 2002, Lucky Parrots Unlimited has led the effort to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted parrots. 

How is Lucky Parrots Different from other rescues?

  • Jim Tull offers 24/7 emergency services and counseling for life-threatening situations to a parrot in need.  Sometimes the vet is not available immediately, and he can help you through the emergency situation.  
  •  Not only does Jim support his flock but networks with other rescues to ensure that birds are not turned away.  He considers the needs of all parrots, just not the ones he personally cares for at his facility.
  • Owners can hire him to educate them and work with their parrot to deal with behavioral issues like biting and screaming.  As an excellent bird communicator, Jim is able to quickly dissolve distrust issues and educate to the owner what the bird's need and body language tells him.
  • Jim's knowledge and networking helps other stakeholders in promoting better conditions and services for parrots nationwide.

Our Mission

To educate parrot owners and rehabilitate parrots so that we may be able to help provide peace and harmony within the home.  When this is not possible we protect the parrots by contract and continue to rehabilitate the parrot until an ideal home is found.


I never truly understood my bird’s needs. It’s like Jim speaks bird. Until meeting Jim, my bird was territorial and hard to handle. Now, Rocko trusts me and he spends 99% of his time out of the cage. I’m learning how to do recall so that I can let his feathers grow out to allow him to fly and come back to me. I’m only doing this with expert advice, but my parrot and me are much happier! Jim was worth every penny.”
— Leslie, MT.

Thank you Jim!

"A little over 2 years ago when it became apparent that my wife and I have to downside we found an ideal place, but the only problem was what would we do with Baby and Ruby, our Blue and Gold, and Scarlet Macaws.  There just was no place for them at the new condo.

A realtor friend of our gave us the name and number of a guy they knew that had a bird rescue program.  His name was Jim Tull.  Jim runs "Lucky Birds Unlimited".  I contacted Jim and after several phone visits my wife and I decided that Baby and Ruby would be well cared for, and Jim would not place them with anyone that would not love and take of them.  

Jim and his team came to our house to get acquainted with Baby and Ruby.  Once the ice was broken they took our outside and inside cages apart and loaded it up with seed and other accessories.

As it turned out Jim found a great new owner for Baby and kept Ruby since she obviously adopted him.  

Jim has a great place and his birds, as well as those in temporary care.  We could not be any happier with what has happened to our two girls.  We still miss them."

                                                                      -Gerald, Ak